Top 7 Christmas Lego Sets To Get Your Loved Ones For Christmas

by Tyler Feinstein

Legos are a super popular choice among kids and even adults come Christmas time and I can’t blame them. Legos have been the most popular toy for decades now whether it’s to play with them or keep the sets as collectibles. In this article I will be going over the best 7 Christmas sets to get your loved ones on December 25th.

#7 Santa’s Visit 2015

Santa Claus visiting every nice kid’s house to deliver them Christmas presents is one of the most legendary stories out there. Imagine capturing that moment in Lego Form. That’s exactly what the 2015 Santa’s Visit set aims to accomplish. 

The set has quite a few details for a smaller set, including Christmas stockings, a small Christmas Tree, a table with cookies and a drinking cup, a red and green cough and a chimney opening. A cat minifigure and Santa Claus himself are also in this set.

It’s a small set overall but there’s definitely some nice details and is a great addition to add to a full house set.

#6 Santa’s Workshop 2022

Santa’s workshop is similar to Santa’s visit in the fact that it would be an excellent add on to a full build of a larger set. A few new pieces are in this set including the nice new lantern piece and the new candle fire piece.

The coolest part of the set though is the toy machine creating toys on the assembly line. A computer can be seen in the back left of the workshop with a cool sticker piece showing where presents need to be delivered around the earth. A female elf minifigure and a modern Santa minifigure are included in this set and both look very nice. 

#5 Christmas Wreath 2-In-1 2020

You know how I said the previous two entries would be great addons to larger builds? Well how about a great add on for your actual house.

 The 2020 Christmas Wreath is not only a great build of a real Christmas Wreath, it’s also a 2-In-1. It has the Christmas Wreath build shown on the box, but it also has a build that features a Christmas Wreath variation with candles and a different alignment with some of the pieces

#4 Wintertime Carriage Ride 2023

This Lego set takes us back to the very old times when horseback was still the primary mode of transportation. One of the more fancier sets on this list, the Wintertime Carriage Ride is an awesome addition to anyone’s Lego winter wonderland.

The carriage has a nice red and black color scheme with a tiny bit of gold sprinkled in. The new horse Minifigure looks nice and the large wheels on the back are some of the cooler Lego wheels you’ll see. The Minifigures look nice too, with a carriage rider and two passengers wearing the new scarf piece.

#3 Christmas Penguin 2021

Penguins are definitely the most represented bird in Christmas lore. The 2021 Christmas Penguin set is the best choice out there for any penguin lover that enjoys Christmas. 

The penguin design is great and captures the standard penguin look beautifully. It has the beak, the body, the belly, the eyebrows, webbed feet, and flippers all put in a good package that doesn’t take up too much space, making it very nice for collectors.

Under the penguin is an ice platform it stands on accompanied by a very small Christmas tree and a few presents. Looks like this penguin was on the nice list this year.

#2 Christmas Tree 2022

Every Christmas Fanatic owns a Christmas tree. Every Lego Christmas fanatic should aim to buy this beautiful Lego Christmas Tree. It’s one of the best larger scale Christmas Trees Lego has ever put out.

The Christmas Tree itself has a ton of ornaments layered all over the lush green exterior with a lot of the cool modern decoration pieces. My favorite ornaments, the crystal hearts, really stick out amongst the rest of the pretty ornaments. There’s also the new candle pieces as well.

 Wait? Wouldn’t the candles light the Christmas Tree on fire? They are all over the set too and trees are highly flammable. Uh……anyways, this set is a fantastic addition to any Lego Christmas fan’s collection and should be extremely high on the Lego Christmas priority list.

#1 Santa’s Sleigh 2021

Santa’s Sleigh is not only the best Lego Christmas gift to buy for your loved one but one of the best Christmas themed Lego sets ever made in my opinion. This set encapsulates the concept of Santa riding on his mystical sleigh pulled by magical reindeer beautifully. 

Santa’s Sleigh is gorgeously crafted with a beautiful red, green, and gold color scheme. The four Reindeer minifigures are also awesome and are symmetrically laid out to pull the sleigh. At the back of the sleigh is a bunch of Lego toys and presents. Santa is also holding, to my knowledge, an exclusive Lego piece that is his nice list for all the Lego kids who were well behaved this year.

This set embraces the Christmas spirit like very few before it along with the aforementioned details, accessories and overall build, Santa’s sleigh takes the top spot on this list.

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