Top 10 Lego Sets I Want For Christmas 

by Tyler Feinstein
Lego Gingerbread House

Christmas may be far away as of the time I’m writing this article, but it’s never too early to write down the Lego sets I want for Christmas. In this article I will go over the top 10 Christmas sets I would love to get. My parents are probably going to hate me for this……

#10 Lego Castle Dwarves’ Mine

This set is a pain in the neck to find but would be such a satisfying get. I remember watching a YouTube video on this set a few years after Dwarves’ Mine came out and I was enthralled with a ton of aspects about the set. The minifigure lineup, especially the Lego Troll, which was my first exposure to a big fig. The mechanisms with the minecart, catapult, and bucket all look very fun to play with. 

I was also amazed by all the shiny gold and silver ingots which I wanted extremely badly. Young me was always mesmerized by shiny Lego pieces. It’s a set I’ve been craving for as my little self did 14 years ago. Finding it and paying for this set is going to suck though.

#9 Lego Dreamzzz Nightmare Shark Ship

Unlike most of the entries on this list, the Nightmare Shark Ship is a set that is currently being sold right now. The set has a are function where you can build it in two different ways. The first is the standard flying ship that’s shown on the box, or you can turn it into a landship with huge wheels. It adds replayability to the set and shows how Lego’s excellent habits of thinking outside the box.

#8 Lego Castle Troll Warship

I was a major fanatic of Lego Castle growing up and still love the theme to this day. But there is one I’ve wanted above all others and that is the Troll Warship. Getting a large warship and an intimidating dragon in a single package was a dream scenario for me. 

Unfortunately the price for this ancient set is astronomically high which is a real bummer. But it won’t prevent me from giving such an amazing set a spot on this list

#7 Lego Ninjago Elemental Dragon vs Empress Mech

Much like the Nightmare Shark ship, the Elemental Dragon vs Empress Mech is far easier to obtain than a majority of sets on this list. Jay has always been my favorite character in Ninjago and this set is definitely one of his best. 

The Elemental Dragon is one of the better Dragons Ninjago has put out and is a great overall build. It even comes with a little baby dragon minifigure as well. The Empress Mech also has a solid design, with a huge sword and a grapple claw. 

#6 Lego Monkie Kid Monkey King Ultra Mech

I’m a huge Lego Mech fan. Most of them have excellent designs and plenty of great features and the Monkey King Ultra Mech is no exception. This mech is larger than most Lego mechs and has a diverse color scheme of red, gold and turquoise. 

Flappy pieces aren’t new to Lego, but they take a much different approach in this set compared to their predecessors. The flappy pieces are fixed and have this unique mix of cloud and metallic components that gives the mech a mystical look. In addition, the Mech is armed with a massive staff which could make for some great combat poses. 

#5 Lego Ninjago Temple of the Endless Sea

Ninjago almost always releases killer Lego sets and Temple of the Endless Sea is one of the more stunning Lego sets they’ve put out. I never expected Lego Ninjago to take on the challenge of an underwater theme but they absolutely nailed it with this one.

The Minifigure lineup in this set is debatably the best among all Minifigure rosters on this list. 7 minifigures are included in this set with NRG Nya, Scuba Kai, Glutinous, Prince Kalmaar, Prince Benthomaar and 2 Maaray Guards. All of them look awesome and are of spectacular quality.

The Temple itself is very detailed with a laboratory, prison, the sea serpent Wojira locked up with chains and 2 amulets on a display unit. A submarine and a manta ray are also in this set. It’s got everything for a Ninjago fan and underwater to love.

#4 Lego Power Miners Titanium Command Rig

Lego Power Miners is one of my favorite Lego themes of all time and the Titanium Command Rig is easily my favorite set from this line. It is a humongous Lego set armed to the teeth with features compacted into an amazing design. 

The best feature of this gargantuan vehicle is how you can switch modes on the dime. You can keep it in it’s normal drill mode or you can flex the drill upwards to turn it into a lightpost. In addition, there is a crane on the left side with a cage used to trap the rock monster. The left side also comes with flick and fire TNT missiles and the right side comes with a net launcher used to capture rock monsters. There is also one of the large rock monsters in this set with one of those awesome throwing arms that can toss minifigures and bricks alike.

#3 Lego Indiana Jones Temple of the Crystal Skull

As someone who grew up watching the Indiana Jones movies, I naturally fell in love with the Lego theme that followed. Many sets in this licensed theme are excellent but my favorite sit is the Temple of the Crystal Skull.

The set comes with a ton of features, with most of them revolving around the boobytraps in the temple. There’s also a huge beacon at the top of the temple which you can activate from the back. It beautifully encaptures the movie and a set I hope to have one day. 

#2 Lego Pharaoh’s Quest Scorpion Pyramid 

A friend of mine had this set in 2011 and let’s just say when I saw it, I knew I wanted it extremely badly. 13 years later and my goals haven’t changed. 

I’m a huge history fan and Ancient Egypt was one of my favorite eras. This set encapsulates that era beautifully sprinkled with a mythological feel to it. The large Scorpion that sits atop the pyramid is one of the biggest highlights of the set and there’s a few secrets littered throughout the build. The Scorpion Pyramid is the total package

#1 Lego Exo Force Mobile Devastator

When we were younger, some of us Lego zealots wanted to have the largest sets, as it gave us a sense of empowerment. The Mobile Devastator set from the Exo Force line embodies this mindset to a T. 

An intermediate sized hero mech is also included in this set that is armed with huge claws and a heavy missile launcher on the top. But the main attraction is the Mobile Devastator itself. This bad boy comes equipped with blasters littered all across the vehicle, a massive turret that can bend forward or backward, deployment racks and prison pods. The sheer craziness of this set is why I want it so bad. It embodies the best of what Lego can do in the Sci-Fi genre.

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