Top 5 Snowmen In Media

by Tyler Feinstein

Christmas is filled with plenty of wonderful characters that make you feel warm inside whenever you see them, such as Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Jack Frost, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, the Elves and the topic of today’s article, snowmen. Snowmen have appeared across the media spectrum. From shows, to movies, to video games, these festive snow entities are usually a highlight in whatever franchise they appear in.

#5 Olaf-(Frozen 2013)

Olaf shares a lot of traits with other snowmen. Outside of his bizarrely shaped head, Olaf has the round snowy body, coal beads in the middle of his chest, skinny twig arms and a carrot nose. The only start differences are the few small twigs for hair and his large buck tooth. 

He has an extremely friendly personality and looks to help Anna, Elsa and Kristoff in any way he can. 

#4  Abomasnow-(Pokemon) 

The Pokemon franchise is known for many things, but as far as Christmas themed characters go there isn’t much. But out of the small roster of Christmas theme pocket monsters, Abomasnow represents the abominable snowman archetype. Abomasnow is the evolution of Snowver and differentiates the most from the common depiction of a snowman of any other entry on this list. 

It has a rather bulky frame, covered in snowy, paper-like leaves on the chest, back and face. Accompanying its bulky frame is equally as beefy snow arms with leafy green hands, ending with 3 thick, sharp fingers on each hand. 

Abomasnow is gym leader, Candice’s ace Pokémon and even received a Mega Evolution a few years later. 

#3 Sam The Snowman-(Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer 1964)

Sam is interesting because while he is a protagonist in the movie, he’s also the narrator. A very rare title to have in any genre.

Sam has some of the features of the average snowman, including snow bulbs for a body, coal black eyes, and a hat, a bowler hat to be exact. But there are also several differences that sets him apart. The biggest physical aspects that set Sam apart is his green flannel, a snowy, leafy mustache, a green umbrella and his banjo. 

Sam doesn’t play a very large role in the movie, but his soothing tone and welcoming demeanor definitely warrants him a spot on this list.

#2 Mutant Snow Golem-(Minecraft Mutant Creatures Mods)

This is a character very few know of, unless you take part in Minecraft’s gargantuan modding community. There are a few different versions of the Mutant Creatures mod, but the Mutant Snow Golem has stayed extremely consistent with it’s design and gameplay.

 In order to obtain this mighty snowman you must get yourself a potion known as “Chemical X”. Once you splash your potion on a normal Snow Golem, it will evolve into a far more formidable, yet friendly snow beast, the Mutant Snow Golem.

The Mutant Snow Golem is an upgrade over the original in almost every way. It has a much more bulky design than the original, and replaces the skinny twig arms with beefy arms made of snow. A pair of legs also protrude from the bottom. 

Instead of throwing snowballs at enemies, the Mutant Snow Golem instead throws chunks of ice at hostile mobs that can inflict major damage. Another variant of Mutant Creatures even has it go up close and tosses enemies into the air. 

He’s quite the fighter among snowmen, but is still a great companion to have by your side.

#1 Frosty The Snowman-(Frosty The Snowman 1969)

Sorry for being predictable with the #1 spot, but no other snowman can say they have the same impact or luster that Frosty has. Frosty is a holiday legend and few other festive characters are in the same league as him.

Frosty design wise is pretty standard. He has the typical bulbous-like snow body, coal buttons and top hat. Only major differences being his red nose, pipe and umbrella. 

Despite having a basic, yet friendly appearance, Frosty is most well known for his story and his personality. Frosty actually started off as an accident due to Tingle, the villain of the movie, losing his hat to a gust of wind. The hat would land in the hands of some kids that used it as the final accessory to finish off their snowman named Frosty. Shortly after the hat was placed on the snowman’s head, something magical happened. The snowman the kids had built had sprung to life, introducing himself and befriending the kids.

Tingle had other ideas however, as he saw the mystical snowman as his tool to become the greatest magician in the world. The newly created snowman rejected Tingle’s idea. Tingle did not take this response well though, and harasses both Frosty and the leader of the kids, Karen. Frosty spends a majority of the film entertaining Karen and saving her from dangerous situations they find themselves in. 

His charming personality and heart of gold makes Frosty the Snowman the #1 snowman across all Christmas media.
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