Top 5 Christmas Villains

by Tyler Feinstein

Christmas media isn’t very well known for its villains but they definitely command attention whenever they make an appearance. In this article I will go over the top 5 Christmas villains.

#5 The Abominable Snow Monster-Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (1964)

The Abominable Snow Monster, also known as Bumble, is the imposing antagonist on Rudolph and his friends adventure. He is a giant yeti with a thick snow white fur coat and large sharp teeth. He attempts to track down Rudolph and the gang for most of his time on screen but Heremy and Yukon trick Bumble into a trap that involves a giant boulder that knocks out the Abominable Snowman cold. When Bumble wakes up, he realizes all his teeth had been pulled out, leaving the once viscous yeti a gentle giant.

 This villain arc actually has a happy ending as Bumble befriended the ones who he once saw as nothing more than a tasty snack. He even places the star atop the Christmas Tree as no other character could reach the top. So congratulations Bumble! Looks like you are off the naughty list. Not so abominable now.

#4 Harry And Marv-Home Alone (1990)

When it comes to Christmas duos whether naughty or nice, Harry and Marv are extremely high on the list. They look to rob a house in New York and all that stands in their way is an 8 year old boy named Kevin, who is home alone(hahahah I said it). What looked like an easy robbery for Marv and Harry turned into a living nightmare as Kevin had set boobytraps all around the house. The duo would face the full brunt of Kevin’s conniving mind games as they fall right into the 8 year old’s traps. From molten doorbells, to tripwires, to fire traps, Harry and Marv get hammered by the traps and are battered and bruised by the end of the movie.

#3 The Gremlins-Gremlins (1984)

Definitely the most vicious of Christmas’ villains thus far, the Gremlins from the movie with the same name cause a ton of havoc and destruction. Surprisingly they spawn from one of the main protagonists of the film, Gizmo. After an accident that spilt water on Gizmo, identical creatures to Gizmo spawn from his body and originally seemed harmless.

 Once midnight fell however, everything changed. The seemingly innocent little furballs mutated into vicious reptilian-esque creatures covered in dark green scales, mouths filled with razor sharp teeth, fingers tipped with lizard-like claws and terrifying dark red eyes with sharp pupils. The Gremlins, lead by their leader Stripe, wreck havoc across the town and it’s up to Billy, Gizmo, Kate and Pete to find a way to end the Gremlins’ reign of terror.

#2 Burgermeister Meisterburger-Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town (1970)

You know how a ton of people despise politicians because of their backstabbing and manipulative qualities? Well imagine those traits put into a stop motion Christmas villain. Burgermeister Meisterburger is the corrupt mayor of Sombertown and is despised by everyone in the town. He has an obsessive hatred over toys after an accident when he was younger when he tripped over a toy duck which caused him to fall awkwardly and broke his leg. This accident blossomed into a vindictive hatred of all toys, causing him to ban anyone from having toys.

 Any child seen with a toy was arrested which caused outrage among the public. After Kris Kringle arrived and gave all the good children new toys, Burgermeister ordered the local police to hunt down Kris Kringle, deeming him an outlaw. Kris Kringle, Tanta Kringle, Miss Jessica, Winter Warlock and others find ways to outsmart the tyrannical mayor and over time whittle his forces down and eventually disband. Burgermeister Meisterburger is eventually removed from power altogether.

#1 The Grinch-How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)

The Grinch is definitely a mean one alright. A lanky lime green humanoid with a tiny heart, he seeks to make the citizens of Whoville as miserable as him, by stealing all their Christmas presents and decorations. He brews up a plan to disguise himself as Santa Claus and his dog, Max as a Reindeer. 

The plan couldn’t have gone any smoother, as the Grinch successfully infiltrated every house in Whoville while stealing every last present and decoration with no trouble. He later planned to dump all of the stolen goods into a ravine. 

When the next morning rolled around, the Grinch was at the top of the snowy mountain about to drop the entire sack of Christmas decorations and presents into the ravine. But then something very unexpected happened. He didn’t hear the whaling and outrage he eagerly awaited. Instead the Who’s sang a delightful song to celebrate Christmas. The Grinch was shell shocked. He couldn’t wrap his head around how a town who was mass robbed of all their festive belongings could still be so happy.

It then finally dawned upon the Grinch that while he was able to steal the Christmas belongings, he couldn’t steal the Christmas spirit. A being so consumed by hatred and spite suddenly had a change of heart. He no longer wanted to dump all of the Who’s belongings and saves the payload from plunging into the ravine. The Grinch later returns the stolen goods to every Who in Whoville and even celebrates Christmas by having a major feast with his new friends. Guess he wasn’t so mean after all.

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