Every Year During The Christmas Season Children From All Over Write To Santa Claus About Gifts They Desire To Have. 

by Northern Lights Gazette
Northern Lights Gazette - Family at Christmas

Every year during the Christmas season children from all over write to Santa Clause about gifts they desire to have. 

Some are small, some are big, some are meaningful, the gifts range in all different areas, according to Christmas officials. 

There’s a small group that always makes an interesting request from Santa that some might even find funny. 

Teleporting shoes: “Santa, I want shoes that can teleport me directly into bed. No more walking to my room – just a quick teleport after a long day of school”

Bubble Wrap pajamas: “Imagine if all my pj’s were made of bubble wrap! I’d be the noisiest, comfiest kid in town,”

Snow that looks like a rainbow:  I wish for a rainbow-colored snowfall. It would make building snowmen even more fun, and we could have rainbow snowball fights.”

Chocolate-Coated Broccoli: “I’d love chocolate covered broccoli that way, I won’t have to taste the gross broccoli when my mom makes me eat it.” 

Invisible Homework Machine: “Santa, can you make my homework machine invisible? That way, I can pretend it doesn’t exist when my teacher asks why I didn’t do it”

Bubblegum Balloon Animals: “Santa, can you please turn bubble gum into balloon animals when you blow a gigantic bubble?”

Anti-Gravity Backpack:  “A backpack that defies gravity so it lightens the load for school and makes heavy books feel weightless.”

Talking Pet Rock:  A rock that has a witty sense of humor and engages in amusing conversations for those who can’t have a cat or dog or the usual pet. 

Super Bouncy Pillow: A pillow that bounces like a trampoline so kids can have fun right before they go to bed at night time. 

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